Fortune Trading Marine

72 Kolokotroni Str.
GR - 185 35 Pireaus - Greece
Tel: (+30) 210 4125670-71
Fax: (+30) 210 4125672
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TANKTECH, as a safety equipment's special manufacturer for the flammable fuel tanks and marine cargo tanks, has been pursuing one road ever since its foundation.
We offer comprehensive services and products to meet the requirement from diverse projects such as tanker for oil product, tanker for chemical and product carrier, etc. throughout the world. The quality of the project must be the priority for our customers, and we are doing our utmost to satisfy our customers through our safety workmanship in the project.

TANKTECH Established in 1991 

Plant Areas:
- Busan Headquartes & Factory in Gupyeong 22.000 m2
- Gupyeong Factory #1 9.300 m2
- Gunsan Factory 66.000 m2

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