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S.I.T is a leading manufacturer and for more than 20 years, through continuous research and development, successfully produces and delivers S.I.T CD92 fuel homogenizers to ships and power plants. S.I.T knows about the requirements on both land based and marine energy producing plants operated with mineral fuels like DO, MDO or HFO are remarkably extended.
S.I.T developed the CD92tm Fuel Conditioning Devise. Specially in respect of the new IMO Regulation, demanding NOx-Emissions to be reduced by a minimum of 30% on seagoing vessels, strong activities are necessary.
The CD92tm is a mechanical “CONDITIONING DEVICE” which prevents various mechanical problems in most fuel burning systems. Also a remarkable reduction of operation expenses can be expected. Homogenized fuel is significantly improved in fuel structure. Thus sediments – well known as Sludge-can be remarkably reduced by more than 75 to 80% of former amounts. 

Reduction of sludge means reduction of disposal costs as much as improved fuel utilization. Reduction of sediments means improved combustion quality with reduced emissions and extended maintenance and repair intervals regarding mechanical wear and tear as well as improved efficiency of necessary equipment.
The fuel quality will not improve in the future, but the prices will rise. So there is a big demand on technology that enables to use even low grade fuel to highest extent. 

The CD92tm prevents mechanical failures by bad fuels and saves money by increased fuel utilization and reduced disposal expenses.
One of the reasons for the success of the CD92tm is the straight-forward economic argument. Depending on the application the original investment pays for itself within a short period of time. Using the CD92tm means amortization by reduction of operative costs. 

Economic Benefits:
- Up to 85% reduced sludge generation
- Increased fuel utilization
- Reduced spare parts costs on engines, purifiers, filters, pumps, etc.
- Possibility of using cheapest fuel IFO 700+ without loss of performance.

Ecologic Benefits:
- Invisible exhaust emission
- Remarkably reduced NOx emission
- No Sludge disposal
- Regeneration of disposable oily wastes.

 One time cost, saving for ever 

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