Fortune Trading Marine

72 Kolokotroni Str.
GR - 185 35 Pireaus - Greece
Tel: (+30) 210 4125670-71
Fax: (+30) 210 4125672
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    Compact Perfection
    One of our special subjects is the design and development of technically perfected Monorail Trolleys and Radius-going Trolleys, which are ideally adapted to the given layout and spacial conditions. Our Trolleys with load capacities up to 5t are equipped with rack and pinion drive and achieve a track radius of less than 1000 mm. For loads of 25 t a radius of 2250 mm is reached. Naturally, load capacities over 25 t are also available.

    DHP Engineerfuchs boxgerom boxsti boxtkt box

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