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DHP (Engineering Co. Ltd)

DHP (Engineering Co. Ltd)


DHP was the first and the best Plate Heat Exchanger company in Korea since its establishment in 1978.
But now, it rises as world best plate heat exchanger company in the world.

Korea was excellent ship building country through out the history and now it is world famous and moreover it will still be the best because DHP is standing in the heart of ship building.
DHP can cool down lubrication oil temperature and fresh water temperature with sea water or fresh water. And  returns the heat for ship again to get fresh water and heating.
DHP  does  the same service for power plant, chemical plant, fresh water generator plant and industrial area. It  does  not consume heat at all in the plant, instead, it changes  the heat direction for users wish. Heat exchanging without any energy consumption is DHP’s mission.

If there is heat exchange problem DHP can solve it.
DHP can service the best solution.

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